Winter Biking

MTB Raceline AD5
12th February 2016
Bike Racing Energizer
12th February 2016
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HIGH-TECH FOR LOW TEMPERATURES. Icicles on your nose, still your feet are warm: it’s all made possible by the new X-SOCKS® Winter Biking. A combination of high-quality Merino wool and the multifunctional Robur™ hollow-core fibre keeps your feet pleasantly warm and absorbs pressure and impacts. The X-Cross® Bandage also provides added stability for the heavily stressed foot joints. The Traverse AirFlow Channel™ System ventilates the sole, ducting moist, overheated air out of the shoe via the AirConditioning Channel® creating an optimal climate around the feet. Protectors on the instep, ankle and toes provide effective protection from blisters and chafing.


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